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(2021-10-27 09:56)


General Livemark features are listed on this page. They are related to document processing and rendering. See other reference sections for more specific features like Table or Search.


To build a website (all the commands below are equal):

$ livemark build
$ livemark build index.md
$ livemark build index.md --target index.html

Configuration, for example:

  favicon: assets/favicon.ico
    - style.css

The site will include following client-side software:


To build just a document without the site:

from livemark import Project

project = Project('source.md', target='target.md', config={"site": False})


To build a document as a Markdown:

$ livemark build source.md --target target.md

Note that for the markdown rendering only a limited set of plugins are supported such as script. To use all of Livemark's features, it's better to render documents as HTML.

Data presentation framework for Python that generates static sites from extended Markdown with interactive charts, tables, scripts, and other features