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(2021-10-22 16:47)



Livemark is a Python library and it can be installed with pip (or pipx):

$ pip install livemark

After installation, you can start writing your document (eg an index.md file) using the extended Markdown syntax described in the next sections.


You can then use the command-line interface to build the output HTML file:

# Build a single document (index.md by default)
$ livemark build

Or start a livereload server to automatically reload the output page as you modify the input Markdown document:

# Start a livereload server
$ livemark start

Both commands will create an index.md file if it's not present in the same folder the command is being run on. If that's not the case you can pass the path to the input Markdown file as the first parameter:

$ livemark build path/to/your/file.md
$ livemark start path/to/your/file.md



Livemark generates a static HTML document so you can publish it using any static page hosting. A common option for hosting is to use Github Pages - go to "Settings->Pages" in your repository and choose your main branch in the source menu:


Livemark is a Python static site generator that extends Markdown with interactive charts, tables, scripts, and other features.